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Ocasio-Cortez speaks about Marjorie Taylor Greene confrontation - CNN Video – (CNN)
Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) called Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) "deeply unwell" after Greene confronted Ocasio-Cortez in the halls of Congress.

Democrat moves to censure three Republicans for downplaying Jan. 6 | TheHill – (The Hill)
Rep. David Cicilline (D-R.I.) on Friday began asking Democratic colleagues to sign onto a resolut...

Marjorie Taylor Greene accused of 'verbal assault' on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez – (BBC News)
Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene reportedly shouted at the Democrat in a Capitol Hill corridor

What to make of the CDC's new guidelines for vaccinated people? Dr. Wen explains – (CNN)
The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced that people fully vaccinated against Covid-19 do not need to wear masks or practice physical distancing in virtually all indoor and outdoor settings. CNN contributor Dr. Leana Wen weighs in.

Gaetz associate agrees to cooperate in federal investigation – (Associated Press)
WASHINGTON (AP) — A Florida politician who emerged as a central figure in the federal investigation into Rep. Matt Gaetz has agreed to cooperate with federal investigators and admits paying an underage girl to have sex with him and other men, according to cou…

Former Gaetz associate strikes deal to plead guilty and cooperate with prosecutors – (CNN)
An indicted close confidant of Florida Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz, has struck a deal with federal prosecutors to greatly reduce his criminal case and plans to help investigators in their sprawling sex crimes investigation.

Prince Harry: I want to break cycle of pain for my children – (BBC News)
The Duke of Sussex compares his life to a mixture of the film the Truman Show and being in a zoo.

Trader Joe's says fully vaccinated customers don't have to wear masks in stores – (CNN)
Trader Joe's customers don't have to wear a mask while shopping, the grocery chain said Friday.

Gaetz associate to plead guilty to six charges, including child sex trafficking | TheHill – (The Hill)
Joel Greenberg, an associate of Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) at the cente...

Lottery jackpot 'winner' says she destroyed $26m ticket in laundry wash – (BBC News)
A woman who claims she bought the winning California Lottery ticket says she put it in the laundry.

Several Palestinians killed by Israeli fire in West Bank protests – (Al Jazeera English)
Israeli forces injure more than 500 Palestinians in wave of West Bank protests against Israel’s bombardment of Gaza.

Israel strike collapses building during BBC report – (BBC News)
BBC producer Adnan Elbursh was broadcasting live from Gaza City when a building behind him was hit.

States, business sort out what new CDC mask guidance means – (Associated Press)
More than a dozen states quickly embraced new federal guidelines that say fully vaccinated Americans no longer need to wear masks indoors or out in most cases.

Ongoing mask mandate for travelers: 'It will be enforced, period' – (CNN)
Travel is a big exception for new mask guidance in the United States, and the airline industry says it will continue to strictly enforce mask use.

Covid: Delay child vaccinations and share jabs with Covax, says WHO – (BBC News)
Wealthier nations should instead donate more vaccines to low-income countries, the health body says.

Pfizer, Moderna vaccines found to be 94 percent effective in health workers in CDC's largest such study | TheHill – (The Hill)
The Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines were found to b...

Deleted video shows Greene taunting Ocasio-Cortez's Capitol Hill office in 2019 | TheHill – (The Hill)
A video from February 2019 published by CNN on Friday shows Rep. ...

As Israel bombards Gaza, BDS urges renewed economic pressure – (Al Jazeera English)
BDS is urging consumers to vote with their wallets and economically pressure Israel to end its occupation of Palestine.

EXPLAINER: Why is Gaza almost always mired in conflict? – (Associated Press)
GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip (AP) — The Gaza Strip was pounded this week by hundreds of Israeli strikes from sea, land and air, while the enclave's militant Hamas rulers fired hundreds of rockets into Israel.

The unwitting are the target of COVID-19 falsehoods online – (Associated Press)
Dr. Michelle Rockwell lost a pregnancy in December and shared her heartache with her 30,000 Instagram followers. Weeks later, she received the COVID-19 vaccine and posted about that, too. By February, Rockwell was getting past the grief and finally starting t…



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