Headlines from Al Jazeera, Associated Press, BBC, Newsweek, Reuters, The Hill, and Time

Russia Kazakhstan floods: High water levels swamp Orenburg houses – (BBC News)
Water levels in Orenburg are 2m above critical levels, as the mayor urges mass evacuations.

‘At war until you die’: Ukraine scraps service limit, angering tired troops – (Al Jazeera English)
Facing manpower shortages, officials scrapped a measure to pull servicemen from the front lines after extended periods.

A healthy US economy's secret ingredient: Immigrant workers, eager to fill jobs – (Associated Press)
MIAMI (AP) — Having fled economic and political chaos in Venezuela, Luisana Silva now loads carpets for a South Carolina rug company. She earns enough to pay rent, buy groceries, gas up her car — and send money home to her parents.

Brightest-ever cosmic explosion solved but new mysteries sparked – (BBC News)
The brightest burst of light ever recorded was caused by a supernova, but that prompts new questions.

Russia sends military trainers, air defence system to Niger: State media – (Al Jazeera English)
Violence in the region has worsened since coups in Niger and its neighbours Mali and Burkina Faso.

Will Gaza be safer if Netanyahu quit as Israel PM? Likely not, say analysts – (Al Jazeera English)
Much of the West’s criticism of Israel has focused on Netanyahu, but experts say the war has broader support.

Biden canceling student debt for more than 277,000 borrowers – (The Hill)
President Biden announced on Friday he would be canceling debt for more than 277,000 borrowers.  The administration is forgiving $7.4 billion for borrowers in more than 40 states in the latest debt relief program, bringing the total amount of student loan can…

Biden stands in stark contrast to Democrats confronted by pro-Palestinian protesters – (The Hill)
Democrats met with pro-Palestinian protesters have had an array of responses to the interruptions — from yelling back to attempting to connect them to Russia.  But President Biden, who has faced a host of cease-fire supporters across the country, has been mar…

Sir Ian McKellen: The actor on finally playing the role he always said no to in Player Kings – (BBC News)
The actor on taking on the role of Falstaff, the "ultimate gangster", in his latest West End play.

Thailand’s top diplomat visits Myanmar border amid clashes, evacuations – (Al Jazeera English)
Foreign Minister Parnpree arrives in Mae Sot to review measures to deal with people fleeing fighting across frontier.

Hong Kong: First European citizen jailed under National Security Law – (BBC News)
The man was convicted of secession after he posted anti-China content on social media.

The $2bn dirty-money case that rocked Singapore – (BBC News)
The sensational case saw 10 Chinese nationals charged for laundering profits from illegal businesses.

Meghan Markle's New Netflix Show: Everything We Know So Far – (Newsweek)
Meghan will celebrate the "joys of cooking and gardening, entertaining, and friendship" in her new show.

Apple says it will fix ‘bug’ recommending Palestinian flag emoji – (Al Jazeera English)
Tech giant says software glitch causes some users to get a Palestinian flag prompt when typing ‘Jerusalem’.

Why the fall of Myawaddy, Myanmar’s ‘gateway’ to Thailand, is so important – (Al Jazeera English)
Anti-coup fighters say they’ve taken control of the eastern border town, sending the remaining soldiers into retreat.

Russian soldiers who quit Putin's war get no hero’s welcome abroad as asylum claims surge – (Associated Press)
ASTANA, Kazakhstan (AP) — If the choice was death or a bullet to the leg, Yevgeny would take the bullet. A decorated hero of Russia’s war in Ukraine, Yevgeny told his friend and fellow soldier to please aim carefully and avoid bone.

Jeremy Paxman: Parkinson's 'makes you wish you hadn't been born' – (BBC News)
The former University Challenge presenter delivers a list of recommendations to Downing Street.

Reuters Video – (Reuters)
Reuters news in video: footage captured by award winning Reuters journalists from around the globe.

Science News | Today's Latest Science Headlines | Reuters – (Reuters)
Find latest science news from every corner of the globe at, your online source for breaking international news coverage.

Before India election, Instagram boosts Modi AI images that violate rules – (Al Jazeera English)
The ads do not meet the levels of disclosure Meta says it needs for AI-generated posts linked to India election.

Headlines from CNN and Fox News

Can’t pay or file your taxes by April 15? Here’s what happens if you miss Monday’s deadline – (CNN)
If you haven’t filed your 2023 tax return with the IRS yet and you still owe income tax for last year, the good news is you still have time to rectify those situations before you’re penalized for failing to do so.

News Quiz: April 12, 2024 – (Fox News)
O.J. Simpson, a mystery country star and much more in this week's News Quiz from Fox News Digital. After several days of big headlines, can you get a perfect score?

White House announces $75B student debt cancellation to give 'breathing room,' takes dig at House GOP – (Fox News)
The White House on Friday will announce it is canceling an additional $75 billion in student loan debt for 277,000 borrowers.

Morgan Wallen's Nashville arrest puts love life in spotlight – (Fox News)
Morgan Wallen was seen talking with a woman shortly before his chair-throwing incident in Nashville, prompting speculation about his love life and its impact on his behavior.

Texas women say ‘houses before spouses’ after buying properties together; real estate expert weighs in – (Fox News)
The real estate game is changing in Texas as co-founders of a company are helping young adults buy homes — not with family but with friends. Rogers Healy CEO weighs in.

Third-party presidential candidate refuses to condemn Hamas’ actions | CNN Politics – (CNN)
Third-party presidential candidate Cornel West and his running mate Melina Abdullah share their opinions on the Israel-Gaza conflict with CNN’s Abby Phillip.

Miss Universe organization disputes reports of Saudi Arabia’s participation in 2024 pageant – (CNN)
The Miss Universe Organization is disputing a flurry of what it calls “false and misleading” reports of Saudi Arabia’s participation in its 2024 pageant.

California GOP leaders call for accountability after state can’t account for $24B spent on homeless crisis – (Fox News)
GOP leaders want to see more accountability after California spent $24B to tackle the homeless crisis, but failed to collect data to track if the money actually improved the problem.

Labor group demands California’s $20 minimum wage for fast food workers extend to all sectors – (Fox News)
A fair wage advocacy group is demanding that California’s new $20 minimum wage law for fast workers be extended to all sectors across the state.

Rep. Mike Garcia slams FBI director as being ineffective at his job: ‘I don’t trust you’ – (Fox News)
FBI Director Christopher Wray was accused by Rep. Mike Garcia, on Thursday, of not being transparent and standing almost silent when it comes to an open border policy.

Parents discovered bruises on their child. Then the school turned over video | CNN – (CNN)
A Colorado public school employee is accused of assaulting a child with severe autism on a school bus after his parents noticed unexplained injuries.

Taylor Swift's songs reappear on TikTok ahead of pop star's new album release despite dispute – (Fox News)
Taylor Swift's music reappeared on TikTok for the first time since her label, Universal Music Group, pulled her catalog due to its ongoing dispute with the social media giant.

Rare gray wolf killed during hunt in Michigan, officials launch investigation – (Fox News)
A Michigan hunter reportedly thought he had set a new record after harvesting a large coyote, but it turned out to be a gray wolf and the incident is currently under investigation.

Kari Lake lobbies Arizona lawmakers to overturn abortion ban she once supported – (CNN)
Arizona Republican Senate candidate Kari Lake is actively lobbying state lawmakers to overturn a 160-year-old law she once supported that bans abortion in almost all cases, a source with knowledge of her efforts told CNN.

CNN rolls the tape on Hannity’s comments towards Arizona’s legislature | CNN Politics – (CNN)
CNN’s Briana Keilar weighs in on Fox News host Sean Hannity’s comments on Arizona’s legislature saying Hannity was right in saying its legislature is almost evenly divided on Arizona’s civil-war-era abortion ban.

Biden's bogus college claim is just latest in decades-long pattern of embellishment – (Fox News)
President Biden recently said he was the first person in his family to attend college, the latest in a history of bogus or embellished claims over his political career.

When it’s time to break up with your therapist – (CNN)
Finding a therapist can be hard. But breaking up with one can be even harder. Experts explain when to stay, when to leave, and how best to do it.

Alabama man convicted of killing 5 people asks to be executed: ‘It’s the right thing to do’ – (CNN)
He was convicted of killing five people, including a pregnant mother, and spent years trying to avoid the death penalty. Now this Alabama death row inmate says he’s asking the state to execute him.

One of the world’s highest cities starts rationing water for 9 million people – (CNN)
Taps will be turned off for 24 hours at a time in zones across Bogotá as an El Niño-fueled drought pushes Colombia’s capital into a water crisis

Flash floods deluge towns in Pennsylvania and West Virginia, prompting rescues and calls to get to higher ground – (CNN)
Emergency crews in parts of West Virginia and Pennsylvania waded through murky floodwaters to rescue residents as storms unleashed downpours that blanketed streets and gushed into homes and businesses Thursday night, officials said.

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